BW Maritime


BW Fleet Management has a Quality Policy which ensures that we deliver products and services with Zero Harm to our customers’ satisfaction and in accordance with our compliance obligations.

Quality Policy Statement

BW Fleet Management is committed to achieving quality and adopting risk management throughout all business processes. Quality is an integrated part in all our activities.

Our main objectives are to:

  • Identify and conform with the need of customers and meet all our compliance obligations;
  • Identify areas of sub-standard performance and take steps to implement remedial action; and
  • Ensure all staff know and understand their roles so that we can do things once, do them right and continually improve our processes.

In order to achieve this we shall:

  • Honor our compliance obligations;
  • Ensure our commitment to quality at all levels throughout the organisation;
  • Encourage all employees to improve our Management system;
  • Enhance the competence of employees through training and development;
  • Assess risk and opportunities in a systematic and planned way;
  • Active utilise and develop the management system; and
  • Monitor and audit our quality performance and the effectiveness of our management system to drive continual improvement.


  • The BW Fleet Management Leadership Team must actively support the management system and regularly review the effectiveness of activities;
  • Masters must ensure that the policy is well implemented on board vessels;  
  • Heads of Departments are responsible for verifying that activities are carried out in conformance with the requirements; and
  • All BW Fleet Management personnel and subcontractors are responsible for quality of their own work.