BW Maritime

Corporate Social Responsibility

In the long term, having an active corporate social responsibility (CSR) approach can have a positive effect on our bottom line, and maintain BW’s reputation as a responsible member of the maritime industry. 

We know we must begin by acting responsibly and ethically in our own business, and we recognise that the most sustainable contributions are those which complement our business goals. At BW, we focus on corporate social responsibility initiatives that have lasting value. We work to find practical solutions to challenges faced by our people, our communities and the world, and recognise that how we pursue our business goals is as important as achieving them. 

Investing in Youth and Education

For decades, BW and its main shareholders have made numerous donations to worthy causes, particularly in the areas of youth and education. These have included building universities and libraries in China and Hong Kong, sponsoring a children’s village in Africa, scholarships in China, US and Singapore, and donations to sports and arts. The YK Pao School in Shanghai was established by the Sohmen family to develop high quality whole-person education in China.