BW Maritime

LNG Shipping

BW is one of the world’s largest owners and operators of LNG carriers with a history of over 40 years within the segment. Our first existing LNG vessel was delivered in 2003 and we currently own and operate a fleet of 29 LNG vessels, including Floating Storage and Regasification Units (FSRUs) and newbuildings.

In the LNG sector, BW has partnerships with major energy companies, both private and government-led. 

BW LNG works closely with charterers and partners to ensure reliable and safe deliveries of LNG cargoes. Both the commercial and technical management of our LNG carriers are handled in-house from the Oslo office. We have a strong focus on HSEQ, and prioritize the delivery of  high quality service in our daily operations.

All our vessels are manned by officers and crew employed by BW. We have a large pool of officers and crew with relevant gas experience. We also have, in some areas, established local recruiting programmes for our customers. This access to a large pool of qualified officers is a clear advantage in the LNG segment.

BW LNG has strong ambitions to grow within the LNG shipping segment as exemplified by our newbuilding orders. Our latest vessels, which are 173,400 CBM, are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, ME-GI propulsion technology and low boil-off rates of 0.03% (Full Reliquefaction System) and 0.075% (Partial Reliquefaction System). The vessels are tailored to meet the next generation LNG shipping requirements.

For enquiries, please contact:  

Name Title Telephone Mobile
Yngvil Asheim  MD, BW LNG  +47 6721 1731  
Petter Lindvig Larsson Head of LNG Shipping +47 6721 1632 +47 9591 0299
Birgitt Andersen Manager, LNG Customer Relations +47 6721 1621 +47 9077 2085
Riju Cherian Senior Manager, LNG Operations +47 6721 1684 +47 4625 7666