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BW has significantly broadened its scope of activity in the past decade across multiple maritime sectors and is well positioned for future growth.  On 16 March 2016, BW announced that it has established a department to explore opportunities in the dry bulk segment between 50,000 and 90,000 dwt. 

BW Dry Cargo ApS, led by Christian Bonfils who acts as Agent for the Group, explores opportunities available in the market, with particular focus on current vessels on water. 

About Christian Bonfils

Mr Bonfils, a 37-year old Dane, started his career in chartering in 1999, before moving on to found his own companies, Custodia Shipping in 2004, Nordic Bulk Carriers in 2009 and First Arctic in 2015. He was a pioneer in the use of the Northern Sea Route and Northwest Passage  when they were opened for commercial shipping.

For more information, please contact:

Name Title  Email Telephone Mobile
Christian Bonfils MD, BW Dry Cargo ApS  +45 7211 2821
+45 3070 6596

+45 7211 2810
+45 7211 2810